Maria was born in Moldova, in village Trusheny that in ten kilometres from Kishinev. It the third of six daughters Peter and Aleksandra Codrianu. The family led hard life of the Moldavian peasantry of the fiftieth. Maria very early started to sing, it was pleasant it to her, and the silvery voice could be heard it and in a house court yard, and in the field, and on a vineyard. Often parents took her on celebrations, and there, having climbed up a chair, small Marijka sang to the admired peasants. It had giving to family additional cash. In village her nickname was "fata kare kynta" - "the girl who sings". Very early she began to sing and in amateur performances.
On one of such concerts there was a delegation of visitors from Russia within the limits of passing then Decades of masters of the arts of the Russian Federation. In the chief negotiator there was great composer Dmitry Shostakovich. It has been amazed by singing of the little girl and has told to the sitting next minister of culture of Moldova: "This girl should study in music". To honour of the minister, that has not forgotten these words, has instructed to find for the young singer. This "task" was carried out by the "agent" who has become subsequently by its teacher on a violin - Efrem Vyshkautsan. Addresses of Marijki at it were not also it searched for it, asking peasants - "where there lives the "girl who sings?" - and, thanks to this question the answer on which knew, perhaps, any of inhabitants of Trushen, has quickly enough found the house where there lived a family of Codrianu. Marijku have accepted in music school - a boarding school for exceptional children at the Moldavian conservatory on a violin class, but she did not leave singing never, continuing to act with various national orchestras.
It was casually heard by the head of the Leningrad (now Petersburg)ensemble "Friendship" Alexander Bronevitsky and has invited to work. So Maria Codrianu left on a professional scene, replacing in ensemble were then in foreign tours the well-known Edita Pyekha. Later Maria worked in the Leningrad concert organisation "LENCONCERT" from a trio of brilliant pianist Simon Kagan, in Joseph Vainshtein's jazz band, in Ben Benetsianov's group. In Leningrad has finished musical school at conservatory on a classical vocal at teacher Genrietta Apter, and on a variety vocal at teacher Lina Arkhangelskaya. In 1969 it have invited to return to Moldova for work in the Moldavian state philharmonic society. Maria has accepted the invitation and for it the vokalno-tool ensemble over which it supervised nine years has been created and was its invariable soloist. In 1967 it became the participant of the first international competition of a variety song in Sochi where from songs Aleksandra Pahmutova "Tenderness" has received the first award. Then, in 1972 Maria goes to Poland on 10th international competition of a variety song in Sopot where becomes the Winner, with shine having sung Oscar Feltsman's song on Robert Rozhdestvensky's verses "the Ballad about paints" created on a subject of the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945. Maria has visited at many international festivals as the guest of honour.
In 1978 Maria had married the Moscow jazz musician, the composer and arranger Alexander Biryukov and moved with him to Moscow, where becaming the soloist of Moscow concert organisation "MOSCONCERT". In 1986 she has ended the State academy of theatrical art as the director. With the big success she had tours in Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Germany, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Hungary, Israel, Japan, Austria. In January, 2001 Maria Codrianu has visited New York, where acted in a concert hall "Millenium". Last years the singer actively participates in the programs devoted to memory of Anna Herman, Evgeni Martynov, Vladimir Migulia, in the program of the "Friendship Melodies". Its creativity was distinguished always by a wide spectrum of possibilities. Got fine education - (music school at the Kishinev conservatory on a violin class, musical school at the Leningrad conservatory on a class of a variety and classical vocal, Kishinev muses. School on a class the conductor of chorus, the State Academy of Theatrical art in Moscow - GITIS - director's faculty) - and a wide experience of work in various styles, Maria with ease executes both national songs, and romances, and songs in the advanced rhythms. In its repertoire popular songs on German, English, Japanese, Moldavian, Yiddish, Italian languages.
Maria Codrianu - the National actress of Moldova and the Deserved actress of Russia, the Winner of the international competitions, the Winner of the National Russian award "Leader", is awarded the "Order Catherine the Great". Her name in the book "Well-known people of Moscow". On November, 20th, 2009 in a building of the mayoralty of Moscow in the Hall of rewardings of Maria Codrianu the medal "Star of Chernobyl" for participation in concert service of liquidators of failure on the Chernobyl atomic power station in the closed 30 kilometre zone has been handed over.